The Most Organic Emulsifier Form

Lecithin, a natural emulsifier, possesses unique properties that make it highly functional. Widely preferred in the food industry for applications such as chocolate and confectionery, baking, dairy products, margarines, and fats, lecithin is also used in the pharmaceutical sector for drugs and cosmetics. Additionally, it finds application in the encapsulation of fatty acids and nutritional supplements, as well as in livestock feed. Its ability to easily adapt to various applications has led to a growing demand for lecithin.

With our lecithin portfolio developed in line with your needs and demands, we offer you a high-quality range sourced from globally renowned brands. Trust in our product range, predominantly composed of soy and sunflower lecithin, which is non-GMO, free from allergens, organic, and derived from sustainable sources, to meet your requirements.

Our portfolio goes beyond the examples provided;

    • Enhancing the flexibility and quality of dough for bakery
    • Solutions for sauces to achieve a more stable and creamy texture
    • Creating smooth and creamy textures in chocolates
    • Improving the taste and texture of powdered components like sugar and cocoa
    • Facilitating easier cutting and non-stick properties for cheeses
    • Extending the shelf life of food products

We Share Our Expertise

We go beyond providing you with the right emulsifiers at UBC Chemical. In our R&D laboratory, we explore new ways to meet end-user demands. We can offer support in developing the right formulations and recipes through technical presentations, product samples, and pilot studies. We can conduct trials at your factory in collaboration with you. If you'd like to see what we do up close and experience it, we welcome you to our research and application center specially designed for our customers.