Quality Certificates

World Class Quality and Food Safety Certificates

Delivering safe, healthy, and sustainable solutions to you is our primary mission. Therefore, at UBC Kimya, our quality control processes begin long before our products enter our facilities. Quality control procedures are individually carried out for the raw materials required for our production and all the products we source. Every delivery to us undergoes a comprehensive control by our quality department, involving highly specialized, meticulous, and detailed analyses. The declared analysis values by our suppliers are accepted only if they pass this thorough control.

Similarly, every product we produce undergoes comprehensive testing. Before presenting our products to customers, the final product is tested in our R&D Laboratory to measure and assess its effects. It is prepared for shipment only if it meets the committed values.

To ensure that our products comply with standards and regulations, we undergo numerous inspections by third-party individuals and organizations each year. Our success is proven by the certificates we have obtained.

Third Parties and Organizations

To confirm that our production facilities operate in accordance with our quality standards and that each final product meets specific standards for safety, quality, and environmental protection, we work with accredited third-party individuals and organizations.

Internationally recognized standards such as BRC, Halal, and Kosher compliance are essential, especially for our products in the food sector. In this context, our production facility has been certified by accredited third parties following inspections. These audits are repeated every year.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer First, one of our core values, demonstrates the real success of our company. Our product quality, certificates, procedures, delivery quality, ease of accessibility, and services are evaluated by our customers through an annual survey we conduct at least once a year. We owe our continuous improvement and successes to the feedback we receive from our customers.

Our Certificates