Spreadable Chocolate Oils & Fats

Spreadable Happiness

Spreadable chocolates are loved by everyone, not just as an attractive snack for children but also for adults. They are a source of joy, especially when paired with warm, fresh bread or pancakes during breakfast.

The popularity of spreadable chocolates comes not only from their delicious taste but also from their easy application, flowing texture, and smooth appearance. While consumer demand leans towards these qualities, as producers, we can assist you in creating visually and tastefully appealing spreadable products that stimulate all senses with high quality.

With our developed Spreadable Chocolate Oils and Fats portfolio, we can ensure control over the taste, consistency, structure, and stability of your final product. Moreover, you can consume our products with peace of mind, knowing that they are prepared using raw materials obtained from sustainable sources, as evidenced by our RSPO MB certification.

With our portfolio tailored to your needs;

    • Excellent stability against oil separation
    • Smooth and creamy texture from the fridge to your table
    • Products made from sustainable sources
    • Plant-based and natural ingredients
    • Homogeneous structure throughout shelf life
    • Longer shelf life

Use in Correct Proportions

We understand chocolate production well. Just as important as knowing what ingredients go into chocolate dough is understanding how much of each ingredient to use. When producing high-quality spreadable products with an excellent shelf life, selecting the right oil is a crucial aspect. Together, we can find the most suitable solution for your business and your customers.If you have specific needs or questions about our chocolate oils and fats and how they can elevate your chocolate creations, feel free to ask. We are here to provide formulation support and assist you in achieving the best results!