Chocolate Oils & Fats

Chocolate Oils & Fats

Chocolate is known as a universal source of happiness, which is why it is loved and consumed so much. What makes it so beloved are the ingredients it contains. Cocoa butter, one of the components that make up chocolate, has a unique composition and physical properties. Similarly, cocoa butter, along with cocoa liquor, provides characteristic taste, melting, and aroma release properties to chocolate.

At UBC Kimya, we offer natural, efficient, and sustainable plant-based alternatives to cocoa butter that provide advanced functionality to chocolate. Our solutions allow you to create wonderful chocolates that meet your needs while providing a longer shelf life, delicious taste, and aroma.

Our portfolio of chocolate fats and oils BADE ER CBE, BADE ER CBR, BADE ER CBS are designed to completely replace or complement cocoa butter in your recipes. Since they have the same composition as chocolate, they are ideal for preparing molded chocolates, coatings, and confectionery fillings.

With our portfolio tailored to your needs, you can achieve:

    • Longer shelf life
    • Enhanced melting and texture advantages
    • Cost-effective solutions
    • Products made from sustainable sources
    • Plant-based and natural ingredients
    • Smooth, creamy chocolates

Use in Correct Proportions

We understand chocolate production well. Just as important as knowing what ingredients go into chocolate dough is understanding how much of each ingredient to use. When producing high-quality spreadable products with an excellent shelf life, selecting the right oil is a crucial aspect. Together, we can find the most suitable solution for your business and your customers.If you have specific needs or questions about our chocolate oils and fats and how they can elevate your chocolate creations, feel free to ask. We are here to provide formulation support and assist you in achieving the best results!