Fats, Oils and Creams

Fats, Oils and Creams

As with every food product, whether it's household margarine, industrial margarine, or low-fat and spreadable, consumers have high expectations for fats. Providing the expected taste each time, leaving a pleasant sensation in the mouth, and ensuring a good dining experience are the goals that manufacturers strive to achieve. At the same time, it is necessary to respond to the need to reduce increasing production costs, lower fat ratios, and produce with allergen-free sustainable raw materials.

Aeration, crystallisation, fat reduction, plastification and all-purpose are the five basic properties of fats and oils. With the right emulsifiers you can control these properties to allow you to craft the best margarines. As producers, we understand these needs and, to support you, we have developed emulsifiers such as BADE ER GMS, BADE ER DMG, BADE ER SSL, BADE ER STS, BADE ER PGPR, BADE ER PGE,BADE ER CITREM and their combinations. Additionally, we have developed Oil Binders to prevent oil exudation and Crystal Structure Enhancers to regulate the crystal structure of the fat for you.

We are at your service with our specially designed emulsifiers for fats and oils for your industrial and specialty needs.

Produced in an environmentally friendly manner with sustainable resources, our emulsifiers are also Kosher, Halal, BRC, and RSPO certified.

    • Used in margarine and spreadable oils to reduce sandy texture and improve spreadability.
    • Improve mouthfeel and aroma release in low-fat spreads.
    • Supports homogeneous structure in cake margarine and increases volume.
    • Reduce splashes of water in margarine
    • Increases emulsion stabilization by improving water distribution in margarine.
    • Foam control on top of melted/liquid margarine
    • Reduce oil separation.
    • Fat reduction by improving water binding capacity in low fat margarines

Variable Emulsifier Applications and Needs

Instead of using a single emulsifier, you can more easily address challenges such as fat separation, viscosity, stability, etc., by using a combination of emulsifiers and oil binders.

With our products developed for you, you can achieve more efficient and better results. Contact our technical team for formulation support!