Chocolate and Confectionery

When It Comes to Chocolate We're Your Expert

Ensuring product quality, maintaining cost efficiency without compromising taste, controlling the flow properties of chocolate, and making it easier to process have been our top priorities in chocolate production.

In our R&D projects, which started with TUBITAK and continued with our expert team, we offer superior quality chocolate emulsifiers such as BADE ER PGPR, BADE ER AMP, and BADE ER STS. In addition to these, we also introduce plant-based BADE ER Oil Binder to prevent phase separation in the world food market.

Produced in an environmentally friendly manner with sustainable resources, our emulsifiers are also Kosher, Halal, BRC, and RSPO certified.

    • Maintaining viscosity balance 
    • Controlling coating thickness 
    • Enhance the moulding properties of chocolate-based products
    • Neutral taste and odour with plant-based solutions
    • Prevent undesired fat bloom
    • Extended shelf life – up to 24 months 
    • Significant savings in cocoa butter 
    • Up to 85% “Yield value” reduction

Use in Correct Proportions

We know chocolate production well. What we put into the chocolate dough and how much we put in are equally important. With our products developed for you, you can achieve more efficient and better results by using less emulsifier. Contact our technical team for formulation support!"