Cake Premixes and Cake Gels

Cake Premixes and Cake Gels

Meeting customer demand for delectable cakes with superior softness, crumb structure and volume, is a piece of cake with our new cake gel emulsifiers. It’s no longer a dream to achieve fluffy, spongy, uniform and thin crust structure for cakes. For these show stopper cakes, it’s crucial to choose the right product and the right quantity. Here at UBC with our tailor-made special solutions we can help you achieve delicious cakes that can be easily shaped based on your needs.

Our top-notch baking and pastry emulsifiers, BADE ER SSL, BADE ER GMS, BADE ER AMP, BADE ER PS, BADE ER PGE, shaped according to your needs and desires, are exactly what you're looking for. With our emulsifiers available in liquid or powder form tailored to the requirements of your recipe, we help you deliver high-quality, healthier cakes.

Produced in an environmentally friendly manner with sustainable resources, our emulsifiers are also Kosher, Halal, BRC, and RSPO certified.

    • Reduction of fat rate in rotary doughs and provides ease of moulding
    • Uniform, fine crumb structure and smooth cake surface
    • Better distribution of emulsifier in the premix, leading to better uniformity and increased volume
    • Improved dough capabilities
    • Excellence in production performance
    • Preservation of structural properties throughout product’s shelf time
    • High aeration and softness, resulting in a uniform cake crumb 
    • Soft and moist cakes

Use in Correct Proportions

You can reduce your costs while providing improved cake volume and texture, prolonged shelf-life and unmatched dough stability for bakery and pastry products. With our specially developed products, you can achieve more efficient and better results by using less emulsifier. Contact our technical team for our formulation support!