For Delicious Long-lasting Meats

Curing salts are commonly used in the food industry to preserve, colour, and flavour meat and meat products. These salts typically contain sodium nitrite and, rarely, potassium nitrite.

With our BADE ER Nitrite Curing Salt Series, which can be adjusted to 0.6%, 1.2%, 3%, 5%, 10%, or desired dosages according to our customers' needs, we offer meat producers indispensable flavours in the field of industrial salts. Experience why we are highly preferred with our superior quality and features.

    • Preventing the formation of bacteria and microorganisms
    • Stable color stabilization
    • Characteristic aromatic taste
    • Longer shelf life

We Share Our Expertise

We go beyond providing you with the right emulsifiers at UBC Chemical. In our R&D laboratory, we explore new ways to meet end-user demands.

We can offer support in developing the right formulations and recipes through technical presentations, product samples, and pilot studies. We can conduct trials at your factory in collaboration with you. If you'd like to see what we do up close and experience it, we welcome you to our research and application center specially designed for our customers.