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February 2022

Food Ingredients International Magazine

We would like to get more information about UBC Chemicals and Bade Chemicals that operates under the brand name of UBC Chemicals. Could you furnish us with information about your product group and production capacities?

Our story began 12 years ago with the establishment of UBC Chemicals in Istanbul to represent and distribute world-famous brands in Turkey.

Today, we have undertaken the representation and distribution of many companies leading their fields such as Eastman, Jungbunzlauer, Nedmag and Fuso.

Our speciality lies within the food industry but we also continue to serve various sectors such as foundry, feed and leather using the stocks in our owned and contracted warehouses located in İzmir, İstanbul and Mersin where the total holding capacity is more than 1.500 tons. 

In addition, in 2015, we put our stabilizer production facility with an annual capacity of 4800 tons and then our fatty acid ester production facility with an annual capacity of 3800 tons into operation under the brand name of BADE Chemicals.

By the end of this year, with the completion of the 12000 m² factory to be built we aim to commission our hydrogenation facility with an annual production capacity of 18.000 tons and the fatty acid ester production facility with an annual capacity of 58.000 tons.

Our current production portfolio mainly includes GMS, GMO, PGE, PGPR, SMS, STS, DATEM, LACTEM, CITREM and ACETEM.

In the upcoming period, you will be able to find functional products such as emulsifier mixtures, different oils and emulsifier oil mixtures in our portfolio.

What have the demands of the food industry from you been in recent years? What are your most preferred products?

For many years now, the food industy has been heavily investing in food safety, standardization, traceability and sustainability. Therefore the demands are mainly in this direction. From the moment UBC Chemicals was founded we have been working hard to meet these demands using our years of experience. 

Today, we are proud to have BRC (AA), ISO 14001, and ISO9001 certificates, as well as Moi and Jakim approved Halal Certificate and Ortodox Union approved Kosher certificate.

Since our initial experience is within the chocolate, cake gel and oil sectors, the demands from those industries are slightly higher than in any other sectors. In this context, PGPR, PGE and STS are among our highest demand products. But the demand for LACTEM and SMS are also increasing.

As UBC Chemicals, you undertake the distributorship of important companies in the Balkan countries, South America, Europe, Far East and Russia. Are you a manufacturer or distributor as Bade Kimya?

The main objective behind the establishment of BADE Chemicals is to showcase our production capabilities and bring a Turkish brand into the world market. In that respect BADE Chemicals will continue to be the face of our production whereas UBC Chemicals will continue to take the role of representing BADE Chemicals using it’s distribution network.

Could you mention about your current export markets and target markets?

We have already exported Bade Chemicals produce to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and even Sri Lanka. As you can imagine, we aim to grow even more and open up to new markets. In order to do so, we continue our negotiations with manufacturers and local partners in countries in MENA. For now that is our main target market for growth.

In order to provide faster service and be more closely involved in local market activities, we know that it’s key to be physically present. In this sense, we aim to establish our regional offices in Europe in 2022 and in the Far East in 2023, which are our other target regions.

Your company adopts the principle of fast and efficient shipment of products by using strategic warehouses. How fast do you deliver shipments to buyers around the world?

Due to its location Turkey is close to MENA and European countries.

Today, we have the power to make shipments from our regional warehouses located in Izmir, Istanbul and Mersin to any location in Turkey, at the latest within 2 days using our own vehicles.

In order to serve MENA region, it’s faster and feasible to use the Mersin Port, but by road can be an option too based on our customer’s need. For Europe our customers have the flexibility to choose between road, sea or railway transportation. 

Despite the expectation of 45-60 days, on average it takes around 15-20 days to export to the MENA region. What is required and crucial is to do the planning right. The orders included in our plans, could be supplied within 2 weeks without any problems. 

I must say, we find it highly unethical to cancel or delay shipments that are yet to be made due to the increase in product prices. These kind of actions do not fit into trade ethics. You can rest assured all orders will be strictly supplied on the date approved by us.

What are the goals of Bade Kimya to increase its presence in the global food industry?

As I mentioned before, the quality of our production is above the required standards and we are determined to maintain it at a high level.

In addition to our high standards, we aim to increase the diversity of our product range. With the help of our new facility we will add functional products such as emulsifier mixtures, different types of oils and emulsifier oil mixtures. Our new facility will also increase our competitiveness since it will enable us to use local resources where we can benefit more favorable conditions.

As we discussed earlier in order to provide faster service and be more closely involved in local markets activities, we know that it’s key to be physically present. In this sense, once we establish our offices in Europe and MENA regions with the support of our regional sales teams there, we aim to increase our brand reliability and awareness by meeting customer demand in the market, the best way possible.


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