No-Bake Resin Systems

No-Bake systems, also known as 'no-bake' casting systems or 'room temperature curing' systems, are widely used in the foundry industry. These systems allow for controlled curing, offer a more flexible molding process, are easy to use, and have adjustable curing times.

These systems can be selected based on various materials and surfaces, making them suitable for many different applications. They reduce the need for long-term maintenance, consequently lowering maintenance costs. With lower application costs, we can help you obtain more cost-effective products.

Systems Tailored to Your Needs

The use of no-bake systems allows for the acceleration of the casting process and the production of higher quality products

  • Rapid Controlled Curing
  • Ease of Application
  • High Performance
  • Enviromental Friendly Products
  • Flexibility
  • Low Application Cost

Our technical team is always ready to support you in choosing the most suitable phenol formaldehyde-based resin and hardener, specifically developed for your needs in sand molding processes