Gas-Cured Systems

Gas-cured systems are systems that cure through the use of heat generated by the combustion of gas. These systems are typically preferred in gas furnaces or stoves that operate using combustible gases or natural gas.

You can use our specially developed products tailored to your needs for casting parts of every type and size. Our technical team is always ready to listen to your needs and suggest suitable systems for you, including Resin Systems Cured by Carbon Dioxide Gas and our Methyl and Amine Gases

Systems Tailored to Your Needs

The use of gas-cured systems enables the acceleration of the casting process and the production of higher-strength products

  • Shorter production times thanks to faster curing times
  • Suitable to produce high-strength castings
  • No toxic substances, allows them to be considered an environmentally friendly option

Our team is ready to support you with the correct usage ratios and technical assistance